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Aesthetic mesotherapy

Mesotherapy in the aesthetic medicine 

Mesotherapy plays the leading role in the aesthetic medicine because it helps to solve a lot of problems connected with a person’s appearance by the direct influence on skin, its appendages, subcutaneous fat.  

Mesotherapy helps to solve problems of skin aging, dystrophic processes connected with the derangement of inneravtion, blood supply and metabolism, with endogenous and exogenous intoxication (including nicotine, alcohol, medicine, etc.). Also mesotherapy is necessary at hypovitaminosis and derangement of mineral metabolism.

Application of mesotherapy in the aesthetic medicine allows to improve skin nourishment and its elasticity, to  smooth out wrinkles, to make non-surgical lift, to improve the condition of hair and nails, to treat acne, cicatrices and stretch marks, to deliver a patient from manifestations of hypolipodystrophy (cellulite), venous-lymphatic and arterial deficiency and many others. 

The most popular are methods of rejuvenation, skin lifting and body correction.

The examples of  steatolytic mesotherapy in treatment of cellulopathy (cellulite, hypolipodystrophy)

The patient is a woman, 36 years old. She had 3 sessions of mesotherapeutic correction and 6 sessions of manual lymphatic drainage without myostimulation and physical activity.

1st session -  spine neuromesocorrection  (all parts) + vascular (axes+local) + steatolytic (hips+buttocks+abdominal wall+back);

2nd  session -  spine neuromesocorrection  (all parts) + vascular (axes+local) + steatolytic (hips+buttocks+abdominal wall+back);

3rd session – stimulating neuromesotherapy of lumbar spine+ mesovasco+ mesolipo+mesolifting of skin of problem areas.



The patient is a woman, 27 years old. She had the course of mesotherapy without mesolifting, lymphatic drainage, myostimulation.  For consolidation of the results she was advised to have aerobic exercises 2 times in a week.  

Cellulite1.1_1 Cellulite1.2_1   Cellulite1.3_1  Cellulite1.4

The examples of mesolifting

Facelift1 Facelift1.2

The patient is a woman, 58 years old. She had 3 sessions of mesotherapy: neuromesotherapy of cervical spine+ mesolipo + trophic drugs +mesolifting of neck and face skin.

Epidermal mesolifting of skin of back of the left hand, straight after the session (skin if the right hand is intact).

Mesotherapy is efficiently combined with contour plastic and botulinic therapy. On the first stage mesolifting and biorevitalization are used, after that contour plastic and botulinum toxin eliminate residual aesthetical defects. Mesotherapy is the perfect remedy for prevention of skin dystrophy after botulinic therapy, for prolongation of the effect of contour plastic.

Example of combination of mesotherapy with contour plastic:

The patient is a woman, 67 years old. In short time conditions she had an express course of lifting and revitalization (3 weeks, 4 sessions) which was added with contour plastic.


После лечения

Usage of mesotherapy during usage of botulinum toxin is called mesobotox.  

Mesobotox is more safe method which allows influencing on zones which must be avoided at traditional botulinic therapy. Besides that, there is the possibility of partial saving of mimics that allows avoiding so called «wax-face». In practice, the most efficient method is the combination of a traditional technique and a mexobotox technique.

Mesotherapy is one of the most efficient methods of treatment of baldness, because it allows to improve significantly the blood supply, to introduce trophy drugs direct to skin of the head, creating concentrations which can’t be made with any other method.


Mesotherapy can be used separately or in the combination of complex therapy of all kinds of alopecia – diffuse, circumscribed, androgenetic, cicatrix. In case of postnatal alopecia mesotherapy allows to stop hair falling out, to rehabilitate their growing, to improve their quality. Use of mesotherapy with the preventive aim is the guarantee of health and beauty of hair. Mesotherapy is efficient at treatment of pathological cicatrices (hypertrophic, atrophic, keloid), stretch marks, skin discolorations, benign tumors of skin and many others

As an additional method it is used at the treatment of dermatitis, psoriasis.